Where We’ve Been & Where To Find Us!

May 2

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We are long overdue with an explanation for where we’ve been!

Team Frou Frou Fashionista hasn’t disappeared, we’ve just been spending our time elsewhere, as explained by the above list.

We are still going strong with our Boutique (both in Studio City, CA and online), and certainly keep busy on social media.

Almost daily, new images are posted to Instagram and Facebook, and new inspiration is constantly to be found on BOTH of our Pinterest pages (there’s one for each of the co-owners, Gail and Alison).

In the past couple of years, our focus has shifted from reading & writing blog posts to searching for eye candy and images that would otherwise be on this blog, and that’s why we love Tumblr.

You get all of the beautiful images, without any discussion (our preference!).

All of that being said, we encourage you to follow us on all of our newer social media platforms!

We have so much to share, and want you to be up-to-date on what we’re excited about when we’re excited about it!

(As a little side note, all of our social media ends up flowing through to our Twitter account.  So please feel free to find us there as the one-stop shop for our latest news!)

Thank you for your support, and for following the adventures of Faire Frou Frou!



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