GlowBowl Fresh – Motion Activated Toilet NightLight w/Air Freshener – Version 2 Longer Lasting

January 1

List Price: $15.99
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Item ASIN: B0719CS26K
Top Feature :
Air Freshener (Replaceable)

Item Description:

GlowBowl Fresh Now comes with a built in Air Freshener. This is the next generation of toilet lights. We have redesigned for a longer lasting light. We guarantee it is the highest quality toilet light on the market. GlowBowl Fresh will change your night time bathroom visits forever. No more missing your target or stumbling around in the dark – the GlowBowl Fresh is motion-activated and light-sensitive. With the touch of a button, you can choose from 13 different colors: Blue, purple, aqua, yellow, red, white or green. With the GlowBowl Fresh, you no longer need to worry about turning on the blinding light again. The GlowBowl Fresh dimming feature allows you to further customize it by selecting the level of brightness you desire. From a nice subtle glow to a brightness that radiates beyond the bowl great gift idea for the person that has everything. Our patented design allows you to create a snug fit on any toilet in seconds that will stay in place forever.

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